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teacher beth sidel with some preschool students

"Work is love made visable." -Kahlil Gibran

I am Beth Sidel. I have been teaching young children since 1992. I have my Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Early Childhood Education. While I am licensed to take children of all ages, I have decided to gear my home for preschoolers. You will often hear me refer to my home as a school. I love that I can offer a school program in a home environment. It gives children the best of both worlds.

Community is at the heart of my program and I strive to create a community of kindness, respect, empathy and love. Children are encouraged to take care of each other, the materials around them, and the natural environment. Children are also encouraged to be independent. We focus on independence and problem-solving skills and balance our day in a way that will help children get ready for their next learning adventure.

Children are learning in different ways throughout the day. When children are climbing, swinging, and running, they are working on muscles needed for writing, drawing, and moving in our world. When they are building with sticks, blocks and sand, they are practicing skills to become future engineers. When they are navigating the indoor and outdoor classroom, talking to each other, making plans, telling stories, and using the materials together, they are practicing the social skills needed to grow up and become true, thoughtful, caring, citizens of the world. At circle, they learn to respect and listen to each other while sharing ideas. When they put on shoes and coats, they are learning independence, and as they master those skills, they often turn to helping younger children with their independence. At meals, they are often trying new foods and learning what nutrition looks like. At nap they are resting and regenerating their brains to be ready for more learning. When we focus on a learning topic, they are gathering information and skills and gaining deeper understandings. Each and every part of their day is steeped and rich with learning. My practice is influenced by Reggio, Waldorf, Forest/Nature schools, and Montessori as well as my own wealth of experience. I weave these philosophies together along with learning about each individual in our class to create our classroom curriculum.

In addition to working within my own classroom, I have spent time in kindergarten classrooms over the years and have fostered relationships with local kindergarten teachers so I can help support my preschoolers with the transition from preschool to kindergarten. I will work with your children to help them get ready for their next learning adventure!

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